Design and Development Service (I+D)

TECXIO®, through its R & D division, offers the service of designing and developing high added value products as well as having the resources and productive capacity to produce highly complex unique pieces, prototypes and small series, or manage the production of large series in associated production facilities. Thus, we can offer our customers the supply of products in various stages of development, from conception of an idea to manufacturing and packaging of finished product.

Cuadro Sinoptico

TECXIO® is capable of supporting the various sectors of the client company (Design and Development, Product Engineering, Process Engineering, Production, Purchasing, Logistics) or even perform tasks that companies decide to outsource for strategic reasons or associated with the characteristics of the business.

TECXIO® offers its customers a professional team composed specifically in terms of job requirements or projects proposed, leading it and ensuring proper and timely fulfillment of set objectives.

TECXIO® can provide to companies wishing to do so, turn-key products and projects.