Design of devices, machinery, equipment and pieces

Mechanical Systems

Main designs include drive mechanisms, control and transmission, tooling and gages, special packaging, assemblies and pieces on demand, such as valves, laboratory equipment (micromanipulators, mass calorimeters); tailored threads (internal and external); steel or aluminum pieces with TIG welding qualified and certified.

The following materials are used for designing : common metals such as steel, copper, bronze, aluminum, specialty metals such as stainless steel of different composition, grade 5 titanium, tungsten, Monel k500 and other complex ferrous and non ferrous alloys, non metals such as Nylon, Teflon Grilon, acetalic resins, polymer matrix composites materials such as epoxy based resins, polyester or polyurethane, fiberglass, carbon fiber or special polyamides such as Kevlar, metal matrix composites and ceramic composites.

The work is done with profiles, rods, plates, bearings, ball joints, bushings, pulleys, chains, springs, making tailored designs or adaptations when necessary.

Pneumatic and hydraulic systems

The designs use gases such as argon, nitrogen, helium, oxygen and air, among others, and fluids such as mineral, vegetable and synthetic oil, water, diverse chemical products, fuels and highly corrosive elements, among others.

Control and transmission / amplification / reduction of power systems for machines and engines are designed.

Electronic Systems

Design and programming of equipment and dedicated control devices: small computers, sensors, command and control panels, communication systems / wireless controller (GPRS/3G, WiFi, Bluetooth) or via special wired systems (CAN BUS), mobile developments in J2ME. Alarm monitoring, remote monitoring, vehicle tracking, people tracking, monitoring systems for production processes: SCADA, building automation or domotics: smart homes overseen by the Internet.

  • User interface adaptation and programming: touch screen, USB interface (for microcontrollers), virtual reality devices such as helmets, gloves, special devices, programmable keyboard, readers.
  • Programming Embedded Systems: development of file system, use of Compact Flash and SD.